My week: I broke my keyboard - the only instrument I have to make music with. I broke my car - the only vehicle I have to get to my job. I broke my friend’s car - the vehicle he loaned me for a day to get to my job. I’ve been working for a week straight with no day off, most likely to pay for all of these catastrophes. On my days off and with what little money I possessed, I was pouring everything that I had left(literally) into my album, which will release in 21 days. I am now hilariously broke and often hungry. Last night I hit an all-time low when I left work(with my dad’s minivan) around 3:00am, and drove to the only open gas station, so I could buy a sandwich - a gas station sandwich.

Suffice it to say, I’ve had a really rough week.

However, with all this said, I am only upset about one thing…

Olan poured his heart into this series and especially this second part, and he gave me an opportunity to really open my writing wings for this particular episode, showing me for the first time how much I really enjoyed writing for characters and massively helped developed my writing style.

If anyone understands the amount of time, money, and energy Olan put into this project, it’s me - the guy who lived with him for the better part of production and post, watching from the sidelines or standing with him on the front line as he meticulously pieced his epic story together, from budgeting to day-long render times.

Most of you will never realize how much came out of HIS pocket to support this project. The amount of literal blood, sweat, bruises, and tears he put into making his vision and YOUR trust a reality astounds me. So… when I hear someone complaining about their money not being spent well, I don’t have the same downtrodden compassion that Olan does.

Let me make this very clear:

If you think your money isn’t being spent well, then you CLEARLY HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT. I mean that with the same sincerity as I would have talking about my faith.

Olan created, almost completely alone, what it would take dozens if not hundreds of people to accomplish in likely a similar amount of time. His budget was a hilarious joke in comparison to what needed to be done, especially in comparison to what some of these people are asking for on kickstarter and indiegogo for SHORT films. Olan shot a FEATURE LENGTH in 16 days with a skeleton crew. Most indie film projects(not even counting sci-fi) are asking for 30-100 THOUSAND dollars.

He asked for an exact number: $16,751. When we planned out the budget, that was the exact number we came up with - to the dollar what we needed. He didn’t ask for a cent more. As it turns out, that barely covered the essentials.

I could go on and on about the sacrifices that he made during the production of this project, from plane tickets and hotel rooms to buying my meals, because I had no money, but I will just say this:

Your contributions made a huge impact on the reality of this project, so don’t think for a second that Olan didn’t labor and lose sleep over how best to utilize the funds he had been given. He lives and breathes creative work, and frankly I’m furious that someone would treat him with such disrespect after the immensely difficult and lonely work he’s done to give you something he should be damn proud of.

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